The Fazenda do Cré also commercialises Piri-piri, Fleur du Sel

and Honey Vinegars.

The Piri-piri is concentrated and very, very, very spicy, made with chilli peppers.

The chilli peppers are harvested when they are red,

between August and October and then they are grounded and mixed with oil, salt and vinegar.

The Piri-piri is available 80gr jars.

The Honey Vinegar, as his name states, is made from honey.

The honey, in the first fermentation process, becomes hydro honey (also known as honey wine).

It is only in a second fermentation process that we get the Honey Vinegar.


It is a very aromatic vinegar, very smooth and with a particular hint provided by the honey. Ideal to season meat and salads. There are two kinds, plain Honey Vinegar and   Honey Vinegar with oregano, both available in 200ml bottles.

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The Fleur du Sel is the famous one from Tavira,

considered by many the best in the world.

It is available in 160gr jars.


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