Traditional Liqueurs from Algarve

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Fazenda do Cré

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Fazenda do Cré Liqueurs are made just like my grandmother used to make them.


We use traditional methods and local ingredients.

This way, we are supporting local trade and promoting Algarve’s development.

Back in those days, herbs were harvested but some of them were picked while they were still unripe, others had to be left to dry, they couldn’t have flowers and they should be harvested in the right time of the year… well, each liqueur has its secrets.


After washing the herbs, they were selected, chopped and left to infuse

in a high quality spirit.

The most abundant spirit in the Algarve is made from figs. The fig spirit made in the Caldeirão Sierra is the one we use in our liqueurs.


The infusion period vary according with the type of liqueur produced - and here there are some secrets as well... Some infuse in just a matter of weeks, while others take longer - usually up to six months.

After this period, the flavours, the taste and the colours migrate to the spirit. 

Then it is time to strain and add the sugar syrup. 


After this process the liqueurs are left ageing.


This is how the Fazenda do Cré Liqueurs are made – they are Algarve Traditional Liqueurs. The most popular and well known is the Carob Liqueur.

But it was the Pennyroyal Liqueur that first became noticed and achieved

the runners up place, winning the Silver Medal in the first edition of the

National Contest of Conventual and Traditional Liqueurs, in 2012.


In 2013, the Fazenda do Cré participated once again in the 2nd edition of this contest, winning the Gold Medal with the Cremosa

and the Silver Medal with the Arbutus-Berry Liqueur.


Our Liqueurs are available in 200ml and 500ml bottles and there are the following flavours:

If you can’t decide, come over and taste them.

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