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Fazenda do Cré

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Última Actualização 21-10-2013

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The Fazenda do Cré was named after the soil found on its acres of lands. Cré means Chalk in Portuguese and it is a soft, white and porous sedimentary rock of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). Largely explored in quarries, used in cement, whitewash and grout and also used in the production of cosmetics and toothpastes.


(Adapted and translated from: cré (giz). In Infopédia [online]. Porto: Porto Editora, 2003-2013. [Consult. 2013-08-25].

Disponível na www: Infopedia)

The Fazenda do Cré is a villa with a country house surrounded by 11 acres of land and belongs to the Lã’s family since 1930. The Lã’s is a traditional family from Faro. Unfortunately, the original Lã’s mansion was later destroyed to give place to a supermarket.


The Fazenda do Cré was acquired by my grandfather and has passed from one generation to another until now. After my grandparents passed away, the Fazenda do Cré was abandoned for roughly 20 years long period. Although we were born and bred in Lisbon, we use to spend the summer holidays every year in the Fazenda do Cré , therefore we have many childhood memories from here.


In those days, the villa was running as a rural farm. We used to help watering the orchard, harvesting the weeds to give to the rabbits and, feed the pigs and the chickens with corn and, feeling unease, get the eggs out of the hennery. The milk, we used to buy it from the Yellow House, a place we went everyday on our bikes. But the best of it all was the baths in the water tanks.

I remember the bread being cooked in the woodstove and of my grandmother making the liqueurs with one of the maids. That is how the production of the Fazenda do Cré Liqueurs – Traditional Algarve Liqueurs - began.


Well, it was so long ago! This time when we were happy, no matter what. It was those memories that motivated me to restore the Fazenda do Cré. For me, for my mother and for all my family.


So I moved bag and baggage to Fuzeta and started a new chapter of Fazenda do Cré’s history. I restored the house and re-started the liqueurs production from what I learnt with my grandmother. The first were the Carob and the Cinnamon Liqueur. Then the Anise, the Rosemary and the Oregano Liqueurs. Then, after these ones I started making Fig, Almond and Pennyroyal Liqueurs. The Mint and Lemmon Liqueurs appeared in response to some of my client’s suggestions to create a fresher flavour for the summer taste. The latest liqueurs are the Arbutus-Berry and the Tangerine Liqueur.


When I refurbished the house, the original features weren’t changed. It consists in a 2-bedroom house and a studio. The studio is available as a holiday let for your holidays or weekends.


We are always open and you are very welcome to come and have a taste of our products.  


Ana Lã






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