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Viewpoints and Sierra


The S. Miguel Sierra is nearby Fuzeta and offers the best view over the Ria Formosa, taking you 1318 ft high. At Barranco do Velho – a local vila – it is worth visiting the chapel churchyard from where you can enjoy one of the most impressive viewpoints from Algarve, where you get delighted by a vast territory with cork and arbutus trees of Caldeirão Sierra, where the spirit we use to produce our liqueurs is made, the Fig Spirit.


On the top of Caldeirão Sierra, the Algarve appears as an amphitheatre that goes down to the sea. Not particularly tall (it doesn’t exceed 1968 ft height) the Caldeirão Sierra is the largest Algarve sierra, localized 15 miles from Fuzeta it is a must to visit. On the west slope, there are cork trees until you lose sight and there is still room for two special places, The Benémola Fountain and the Ferro Fountain. Alike an oasis, the Benémola Fountain is a protected area with unusual animal and vegetable species for the Algarve. The Ferro Fountain houses a large quantity of local species, such as the arbutus tree, broom, heather, rosemary, eucalyptus, pine tree and the oleander flowers and with respect to the animal habitants, you can find the hare, partridge, thrush bird and blackbird.


Otherwise, the Caldeirão Sierra is made of shale, a soft waterproof rock that has warm and reddish colour. The human print is only noticed when you see a shepherd with his sheep and goats. They are generously broad lands with unforgettable views.


(Adapted and translated from: Miradouros and from Caminhos da Serra, accessed on the 25.08.13)







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