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In Olhão, Tavira and Castro Marim counties there are three important salterns localized in the Ria Formosa Natural Park.


A channel labyrinth takes the sea water into low height tanks where it rests until the heat leads it to evaporation, leaving the translucent crystals of salt glittering in those tanks. These salt ponds are at the meeting point between the sea water and the river water putting together the perfect conditions for this natural product to occur preserving the marine nutrients and minerals so important on a healthy diet.


There are also fish-rearing ponds that explore the economical side of the Ria Formosa but at the same time they help providing the ecological balance and species preservation at the salt marsh of both Natural Parks. The saltern rim is an habitat where the birds feed, digging with its beaks deep in to the muddy soil. The long-legged figure is easily recognized for the unusual length of the legs and for the characteristic low height fly with the legs brought backwards. The elegant silhouette of the flamingos that fly over those waters can be seen at the salterns and salt marsh of the natural parks.


(Adapted and translated from: Salinas and from Sapal de Castro Marim, accessed on the 25.08.2013)







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