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Ria Formosa

Ria Formosa: Tours, Fauna and Flora


From Fuzeta you can access the Ria Formosa, where you can engage in organized boat tours including for bird and dolphin watching and for seahorse watching (in Ria Formosa there is the largest seahorse community of the world). You can do fishing, nautical sports and even a romantic dinner for two in a deserted beach of Fuzeta.


The Ria Formosa Natural Park and the Castro Marim Saltmarsh Natural Park are very important ecosystems for the aquatic birds and other fauna that use the saltmarsh and the salterns to reproduce. The Ria Formosa Natural Park, with its 45.000 acres is in permanent mutation with the winds and tides and is the transition from the land to the sea, being a privileged habitat for the fauna and flora.


The Flamingo, the Eagle, the Woodcock and the Guard Rivers are the most common birds but the park icon is the Purple Swamphen or Sultana Bird, a rare species that exclusively reproduces in these lakes in Portugal. Another important inhabitant, in extinction in Europe, is the chameleon.


Through the public pathways or joining one river tour, the Ria Formosa Natural Park can be observed from the inside and be enjoyed at the most on its multiple facets and sights. The Quinta do Marim – where the Natural Park head office is located – also has an Environmental Educational Centre and a Bird Recuperation Centre and a Kennel, especially dedicated to the breeding of the Portuguese Water Dog, that is an endangered species of a typical dog from the Algarve.  


Back on those days, the Portuguese or Algarve Water Dog, was an inseparable friend with the fisherman in the Algarve, helping them on their journeys and protecting the boats, but nowadays this dog is no longer used as a working animal. Although they were very valuable at that time, they were not sold for money, they were given as a gift suggesting that they were so precious that they couldn’t be priced and traded for any sum.

It is an autochthonous breed with an unusual intelligence. They are known to be brave, affectionate and fatigue resistant with a proud gait conferred by the robust and muscled body. Usually the fur is black and their most specific feature is the inter-digital membrane which makes them great swimmers and divers.


(Adapted and translated from: Ria FormosaSapal de Castro Marim and from Vida Selvagem, Passeios, accessed on the 25.08.13 and on the 01.09.13)






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