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Fazenda do Cré

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Local Gastronomy

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has applied to be included in the Humanity’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, at Unesco, Paris, on the 30th of March 2012.

Portugal is a Mediterranean country by the weather and nature and by the agronomy and culture.


The Mediterranean Diet integrates ancient wisdoms, food production techniques and a high nutritional valued diet based on fresh ingredients, seasonal products and sourced locally. It is proved that this diet helps preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer.


The Mediterranean Diet is a life style deeply embedded in the Portuguese culture that is important to pass to the next generations and to those who visit our country.


(Adapted and translated from: Dieta Mediterrânica, accessed on the 25.08.13)

Fuzeta and Olhão Gastronomy

Some typical dishes are Fish Caldeirada (pot stew), Tiny Cuttlefish cooked in its own ink, Clams or Wedge Shell Rice, Oven Roasted Octopus, Sardines, Pickled Sprats, Skate with garlic, Clams or Wedge Shell Polenta, the traditional Clams Vila and Olhão Small Dried Dog-Fish.


Some typical sweets and desserts are the Dried Figs Stuffed with Almonds, Traditional Easter Cake, Fig Cake, Almond Cake and Dom Rodrigo that can be found in the majority of the local cafes.

Fuzeta has many restaurants and bars, some are more touristy other more traditional, with very pleasant outdoor spaces, in the centre and also near Ria Formosa. You can park your car and explore the area by foot, at your pace.


In Olhão (6 mi from Fuzeta), there are many places where you can enjoy the county’s gastronomy, but it is on the 5th October Avenue (in Portuguese it is called Avenida Cinco de Outubro), near the Ria Formosa zone, where most of the food and beverage places are located.


(Adapted and translated from: Gastronomia and from Gastronomia do concelho, accessed on the 25.08.13)

Tavira Gastronomy

The sea products are the city’s ex-libris, underlining the seafood, the octopus, the tuna, the grilled fish and the famous fleur du sel.


However, we can’t forget the mountains and the country, where the Oven Roasted Goatling Leg, the Chicken with açorda (traditional olive oil and garlic fried bread mash), the game, the meat delicatessen and the Goat and Sheep Cheese are part of the gastronomic choices.


In Tavira’s restaurants and cafes you can get delighted with the magnificent sweets and cakes made with almond, seven year melon¸ carob, fig and the Tavira traditional puffed cakes.

Every year there are two gastronomy festivals, the Country Gastronomy Festival (March/April) – with countryside specialities – and the Sea Gastronomic Festival (May) – with seaside specialities.


(Adapted and translated from Gastronomia de Tavira, accessed on the 25.08.13)

Grocery stores and Supermarkets

At Fazenda do Cré you have a kitchenette completely equipped. In Fuzeta there are grocery stores with quality local products at an affordable price. Should you prefer, there are larger supermarkets in Olhão and Tavira. As much as you enjoy the restaurants and cafes, you always have the possibility to cook your own meals and try out one of our traditional recipes using local ingredients.







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