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Beaches and Nautical Sports


The nearer blue flagged beaches are:



The beauty of the white sand extends for miles and this beach has the support structure for nautical sports. The beach is an island – Fuzeta Island – that you can reach crossing Ria Formosa and during the summer period there are regular boats scheduled from Fuzeta harbor that take you to the beach. There are aqua-taxis and the Ria Formosa Natural Park Boat Tours all year round.



It is a small fishermen town. It has a long beach that invites the solitude and tranquillity. There are regular boat connections from Olhão.


The fans of sailing, windsurf, canoeing and other nautical sports can find in the vast Ria Formosa the ideal conditions for their sports. The clear waters, with up to 49 feet visibility and the abundance of fish attract the divers to the Culatra beach.

In this area, there are two access channels from the sea, which allow the yachts to find various places to anchor.

Olhão’s seaside is, for those reasons, one of the nautical sports centre of the Algarve.


(Adapted and translated from: VisitAlgarve, accessed on the 25.08.13)



In Tavira, the hills of Caldeirão Sierra descend softly towards the sea, where the olive, carob and fig trees spread their sweet odours in the air and they blend with the smell of the sea.

The coastline is sandy, smooth and tranquil, very welcoming with its 7 mi of thin and white sand and lukewarm waters. Ria Formosa also provides from here pleasant boat tours for flora and fauna observation, with emphasis on the aquatic birds. 


It is estimated that, between resident and visitor species, the Ria Formosa welcomes more than 30.000 birds every year.


In Tavira there are the Barril beach and the Homem Nu beach, the Santa Luzia Beach, the Ilha de Tavira and Ilha de Cabanas (Islands).


(Adapted and translated from: VisitAlgarve, accessed on the 25.08.13) 

With regards to the Nautical Sports, Ilha de Tavira is a large beach with tranquil waters and good infrastructures. The access is by boat from Quatro Águas or from Tavira and, once in the island you can choose from a range of aquatic activities and boat expeditions.


Ilha de Cabanas offers very similar options and although it is only 230 ft wide, the 4 mi length grant the possibility of enjoying this beach.


(Adapted and translated from: VisitAlgarve, accessed on the 25.08.13)






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